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Gabrielle Union Picks Out This Body Butter as Her Reliable Everyday Choice

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See what other items the actress from Bring It On carries in her gym bag.

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Gabrielle Union may not officially be a retired professional athlete like her spouse Dwayne Wade, but the creator of PROUDLY, a baby-care company specifically developed for infants with dark skin tones, does not shy away from a challenging workout. Whether it’s competing against Wade in a demanding couples workout or engaging in strength training in her garage, Union has made exercise a top priority for both her physical and mental well-being.

“As frequently as possible, I attempt to meditate before or after a workout to remain centered, achieve peace, and block out the distractions,” the author of We’re Going to Need More Wine explains. She varies her workouts to prevent them from becoming monotonous, switching between exercising with her trainer to going on hikes to participating in solo FitOn workouts. “They offer numerous options, including HIIT, barre, and circuit workouts,” says Union, who serves as an ambassador for the app. “There is genuinely something for everyone.”

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Union favors workout attire from Alo or Gymshark for leggings and tops that are much more breathable than her previous Clovers cheerleading uniform. “I adore how they move and allow my skin to breathe,” she enthuses. “They are incredibly comfortable and suitable for all types of exercise because they do not restrict me.” When it comes to footwear, she grabs a pair of Puma sneakers, which she claims provide her with the “finest support.”

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Here are the other items that Union keeps in her gym bag.

The one absolute constant in Union’s gym bag is a hefty one — a gallon of Alkaline88 water. ”I regularly consume Alkaline88 water, and I have for over three years,” says Union. “I keep the bottle by my side throughout the day, but on workout days I power through it since I start earlier in the day.” If it grants us radiant skin like hers, we’ll consume a gallon of water a day, too.

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Even when she’s dominating a full-body workout, Union keeps her edges on point. “I use my friend Nicole Ari Parker’s Gymwrap to help absorb any dampness in my hair so my edges stay dry,” she explains. “Gymwrap works for all styles and hair types, so whether I am in braids or wear my natural hair, I always prioritize protecting my edges.” The moisture-wicking fabric soaks any perspiration up from the scalp, and the wrap is versatile enough to tie around any hairstyle or type.

Proudly Ultra Rich Body Butter

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One of the most recent products from the PROUDLY family-care line by Union, this thick AF lotion replenishes moisture in an instant. “The warmth from exercising, perspiration, and showering can really dehydrate my skin,” says Union. “So, after a strenuous workout, I rehydrate internally with water, but I also need to moisturize my skin externally. The PROUDLY Ultra-Rich Body Butter is my new favorite—it’s formulated to be gentle for infants, but adored by the whole family.” Noteworthy components include shea butter, which deeply hydrates the skin for long-lasting moisture, and jojoba oil, which locks in moisture while providing a non-greasy radiance.”

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Another must-have haircare product in Union’s routine is this scalp spray infused with peppermint oil (which, by the way, may aid in stimulating hair growth). “I’ve been wearing a lot of protective hairstyles lately, so I always keep the Flawless by Gabrielle Union Nourishing Scalp Spray with peppermint oil on hand to use right after a workout.” The ingredients are exactly what Union needs for a healthy and well-hydrated scalp. “The peppermint oil calms my scalp while the Bacuri butter moisturizes and prevents my scalp from becoming dry.”

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Amazon Mission Cooling Towels

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When the temperatures rise, Union knows exactly how to chill out. “Back when we resided in Miami, we received a package of Mission Cooling Towels from Serena Willams, and they have been the ultimate gift,” she gushes. “I’ve utilized them for about ten years and the original cooling towel is essential from the easiest to the most demanding workout, because it truly does keep you cool for a couple of hours.” Sounds like the ideal accessory for a scorching girl summer.

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