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For Those Enthusiastic about U.S. Open Style, Must-Have Tennis Skirts Handpicked by Editors.

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Ever since my initial tennis clinic at the age of six, I’ve adored grabbing a racquet and hitting the court. And as an adult, playing a few times a week has become both an entertaining way to perspire and one of my preferred ways to socialize (doubles, anyone?).

So now that tennis-core (a preppy, athletic-inspired style) is in vogue, I’m completely focused on getting dual-purpose out of my skorts, tops, and dresses. Whether I’m heading to a lesson or out to brunch, you can find me in a pleated mini-skirt, a figure-hugging dress with integrated shorts, or chunky tennis shoes with crew socks — or all of the aforementioned, to be honest…

A few essentials in any tennis-inspired wardrobe will make your outfits practical on and off the court. For hitting the courts, search for skirts and dresses with integrated shorts to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions— bonus points if the shorts have grippers under the hem to keep them in place or a pocket that fits a tennis ball. Any tops should be made with a lightweight, sweat-wicking material to keep you dry.

To assist you in finding the best tennis skirts for serving looks, I gathered up some of my complete favorites that I wear repeatedly. Most of these tennis skirts are ones that I’ve personally tried and tested, and I also surveyed fellow editors to see what’s in their wardrobes. Trust, these tennis skirts are absolutely brilliant.

HALARA Everyday Cloudful® Air 2-in-1 Tennis Skirt-Marvelous

Reasons Why We Like It: It’s an economical way to give the tennis skirt trend a try.

It’s Important to Mention: The length was ideal on one editor’s small frame, but it may be scandalous on taller individuals (however, that’s what the built-in shorts are for).

This economical tennis skirt received enthusiastic reviews from one editor, who refers to it as her entry into becoming “obsessed with skorts.” “It’s charming enough to wear on romantic outings and socializing with friends, but it’s also practical enough for running errands,” she says. Similar to most of our preferred tennis skirts, it has a pocket on each leg, and the elastic waistband keeps the skort secure without being too tight. Importantly, the integrated shorts stayed in place and didn’t cause discomfort, making this one of the most comfortable tennis skirts we discovered. And with the widest range of colors available compared to any other tennis skirt we tested (seriously, it offers a complete spectrum of options), there’s certainly one that matches your personal style.

If you’re a small woman like our editor (who measures 5’3″), we’re confident in recommending this Halara tennis skirt with the standard inseam. However, if you’re taller, you might consider a similar style with the choice of a longer inseam – such as the Everyday Cloudful Air Crossover Tennis Skirt in Longer, which is made from the same luxuriously soft fabric.

BALEAF Women's Pleated Tennis Skirt

Price at the time of publication: $35

Sizes: XS to 4X | Colors: 26 | Material: 77% Nylon, 23% Elastane

Why We Like It: The mesh lining is extremely breathable.

It’s Worth Noting: The integrated shorts lack grippers, but there is a silicone strip to prevent them from riding up.

Who doesn’t adore a sturdy Amazon discovery? BALEAF is swiftly becoming our preferred choice for inexpensive workout clothing on Amazon, and this pleated tennis skirt is no exemption. It hits the essential requirements for any active skort — integrated shorts, extensive waistband, and an abundance of practical pockets — and surpasses expectations with some extra-deliberate features. There’s an abundance of airiness and airflow, thanks to the flowing pleats and mesh liner in the integrated shorts. The pocket comfortably accommodates a tennis ball, and there’s an adaptable cord in the waistband to achieve your ideal fit.

Although we wish it possessed the same grippers as the Athleta Advantage Skort, there is a silicone strip in the shorts that aids in preventing it from riding up. And a word of caution, be sure to verify your measurements against the size chart. BALEAF appears to run a bit small.

Price at the time of publication: $30

Sizes: Extra Small to Double Extra Large | Colors: 9 | Material: 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex

Why We Appreciate It: This utterly practical tennis skirt features a built-in pocket that accommodates a tennis ball.

It’s Worth Mentioning: The thick waistband is compressive.

Midtown Tennis Skirt

Nothing makes me feel more akin to Serena Williams than wearing this timeless-looking Wilson tennis skirt (which I possess in Bright White). The customary pleats and the color-blocked stripes on the waistband emit varsity vibes — but when I’m engaged in an actual match, this is the skirt I rely on for one plain reason. The built-in shorts have a pocket that genuinely fits a tennis ball.

This is a significant factor that sets it apart because numerous other tennis skirts feature pockets that can only accommodate a phone or a bunch of keys. These skirts can hold a regular yellow tennis ball, so there is no need to stuff them in your attached shorts or chase them around the court. I also adore the manner in which the pleats glide along with me on the court; they feel weightless and ethereal, and they do not impede my movement or slow me down.

If you’re not a fan of compression, this waistband might be slightly restrictive. It’s quite thick and the fabric has a ribbed texture that contrasts with the seamless liner shorts.

Price at time of publish: $68

Sizes: Extra Small to Extra Large | Colors: 8 | Material: 100% Nylon

Why We Like It: The soft-touch fabric feels like wearing your favorite worn-out pair of sweats.

It’s Worth Noting: The built-in shorts rode up just a bit.

News flash: Tennis skirts can function as leisurewear, all you need is the appropriate fabric. Outdoor Voices’ FreeForm material is extremely stretchy and soft to the touch. When I recently tested it, I observed that it moved with me while still staying close to my body, so I felt slightly more put together than I would in loose sweat shorts. I also adored the two side openings, both for the practical purpose of enabling free movement and for a moment of channeling Angelina Jolie by showing a bit of leg.

FreeForm 3

Although the actual fabric of the tennis skirt feels amazing, the inner shorts were slightly less comfortable. I experienced them riding up a bit as I moved around, so I had to adjust them a few times (after surreptitiously checking to make sure no one was watching). I would prefer the built-in shorts to be a bit longer, but I do have seriously strong thighs, so it may be a personal fit issue. I did appreciate that the shorts have grippers sewn into the hems, which helps keep them in place.

Price at time of publish: $58

Sizes: Extra Extra Small to Extra Extra Extra Large | Colors: 3 | Material: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex

Why We Appreciate It: The folds are only in the rear, so they lie better on the behind.

It’s Important to Mention: The shorts are lengthier than the skirt’s hem, so the proportions look slightly unbalanced.

This tennis skirt comes highly recommended by Shape senior commerce editor Shannon Bauer, who’s taking weekly tennis lessons and adores the professional in the front, party in the back style of the Advantage Skort. “I adore that the folds are only in the back — it’s less fussy and it lays more smoothly on the bottom,” she emphasizes. “Plus, the shorts have grippers around the hem, and even after a two-hour tennis lesson, they didn’t move. I never pulled or adjusted this skirt the entire time.” 

Athleta Advantage Skort

For your convenience on the court, there are small zipper pockets on the sides and two pockets in the built-in shorts that are spacious enough for tennis balls (and they’re concealed easily by the skirt’s folds, so you don’t look like “a squirrel hoarding nuts,” as Bauer puts it). “I wore the initial skirt (gifted by PR) a few times, and I’ve already purchased a second one on my own, I adore it so much,” adds Bauer.

One thing to note: The built-in shorts are slightly longer than the hem of the skirt, which detracts from the streamlined style. You can scrunch the shorts up a bit to conceal them, but the proportions look slightly off if you leave them as-is.

Price at the time of publication: $89

Sizes: XXS to 3X | Colors: 3 | Material: 83% Recycled Polyester, 17% Spandex

Why We Appreciate It: The skort is made with a mid-weight, textured material that provides moderate compression.

It’s Important to Mention: The heavier fabric feels thick on the body, not like a second skin.

If you adore the sensation of being embraced by your athletic clothing, the Outdoor Voices Court Skort provides moderate compression for that slightly snug feeling. Crafted with a medium-weight textured fabric, the integrated shorts give me a subtle rear end lift, and a captivating opening on the side enables unrestricted movement (without it, I would feel somewhat restricted, especially when moving horizontally). Another advantage is that this fabric is extremely durable. Personally, I’ve possessed this skort for multiple years now (and indeed, I have machine washed and dried it numerous times), and it still maintains its pristine appearance. No rips, snags, blemishes, or discolorations.

Outdoor Voices Court Skort 4.5-inch

The compression fabric effectively wicks away sweat and boasts a four-way stretch, but I still find myself becoming warm quickly when engaging in physical activities. I would recommend it for low-sweat endeavors or indoor tennis (i.e., air-conditioned environments). The fabric is noticeably thick, so although it is comfortable, I would not describe it as “silky smooth” (like Lululemon Align fabric, for instance).

Price at the time of publication: $58

Sizes: XXS to XXXL | Colors: 4 | Material: 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex

Why We Like It: It’s not excessively revealing for individuals with long legs.

It’s Worth Noting: The Alo branding on the waistband is ostentatious, but we personally appreciate it.

If you frequently find yourself subjected to height-related jokes such as “what’s the weather like up there?”, you might be hesitant to try the tennis skirt trend, as they are often known for their mini appearance. However, one editor who stands at 5’8″ confirms the popularity of the viral Alo Yoga Match Point Tennis Skirt, highlighting that despite usually encountering length issues, this tennis skirt is not excessively short.

Alo Yoga Match Point Tennis Skirt

(And if you desire specifics, the product page provides precise details regarding the length of each size of the skirt — an extremely useful resource.) Despite the fact that the waistband is narrower than others we have tested (similar to the cost-effective Halara alternative), it did not cause any discomfort on our skin, and it is exceedingly comfortable.

This skirt possesses the incorporated shorts and pockets that we’ve grown fond of in our tennis skirts, and we’re enthralled with the sporty-elegant design. It’s both fashionable and adaptable. We adored the prominently displayed waistband, but if you prefer a more subtle emblem, this may not be the atmosphere you desire. Additionally, it is important to mention that Alo Yoga’s range of sizes is exceedingly limited — it is disheartening that the largest available option for this skirt is a size large.

Price at the time of publication: $79

Sizes: XXS to L | Colors: 3 | Material: 92% Spandex, 8% Elastane

Why We Appreciate It:

The fabric is so light and breathable, you won’t perspire on scorching summer days.

It’s Worth Pointing Out: There is no genuine waistband.

If your notion of an ideal tennis skirt is one that is barely perceptible on your skin, we adore this choice from Girlfriend Collective. Not only is the material exceptionally lightweight, but the skort showcases a high opening at the side that facilitates the flow of the fabric around your body — granting you a sense of complete freedom (and yes, there are integrated compression shorts to prevent any peekaboo incidents). “This skirt is extremely comfortable, I could wear it to sleep!” praises one editor. “It strikes the perfect balance between compression and comfort, and I admire the integrated shorts.” Furthermore, she points out that Girlfriend Collective consistently crafts their garments within an exclusive size selection.

Black FLOAT Ultralight Split Skort

However, unlike the other tennis skirts on this roster, this skirt lacks a genuine waistband. On one hand, this creates an exceptionally sleek appearance when paired with a tucked-in tank. On the other hand, we have concerns that it may slightly dig into our skin without the additional fabric. Moreover, it is presently solely obtainable in a fundamental black hue, which renders it marginally less thrilling than the other tennis skirts we assessed.

Price at the time of publication: $62

Sizes: XXS to 6XL | Colors: 1 | Material: 90% Recycled Plastic Bottles, 10% Spandex

Why We Love It: The sleek design doesn’t shout “tennis,” thanks to a level front.

It’s Worth Mentioning: Depending on the size, the built-in shorts may peep out slightly from under the skirt.

For a seamless transition from hitting the court to enjoying happy hour, we adore the Lululemon Peek Pleat High-Rise Tennis Skirt. Unlike other pleated options we tested (like the Wilson Midtown Tennis Skirt), this tennis skirt boasts a level front that resembles a regular skirt. Nonetheless, the sides showcase subtle paneling with pleated material for a look that is more reminiscent of Serena Van der Woodsen than Serena Williams. We’re bookmarking this as one of the most versatile tennis skirts on the market (in fact, it would also work for playing pickleball and golf). A concealed drawcord in the thick, comfortable waistband allows you to customize the fit.

Peek Pleat High-Rise Tennis Skirt

Similar to the Athleta Advantage Skort, the shorts have a tendency to peek out from beneath the skirt (although silicone grippers effectively prevent the shorts from riding up). This might also be slightly short for individuals with longer legs, especially if you intend to use it for both your golf attire (as golf courses often require more modest clothing than tennis courts).

Price at the time of publication: $88

Sizes: 0 to 14 | Colors: 3 | Material: 86% Polyester, 14% Elastane

Ways to Style Tennis Skirts

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect tennis skirt, it’s time to create the rest of your ensemble. Here are editor-approved concepts for styling tennis skirts.

On the Court

When you’re actually playing a match, functionality needs to be the priority. Choose a snug top made of sweat-wicking fabric to keep you dry, cool, and free of distractions (we like this one from Athleta). Add a hat or visor to shield your eyes from the sun — extra credit if it has a wide opening for your ponytail, like this one from Lululemon. Lastly, you’ll need supportive shoes that allow you to change direction without twisting an ankle; these Nike Court are currently our favorites. 

Off the Court

Think of this as the Meredith Blake-inspired look (and if you don’t understand this reference, it’s time to rewatch The Parent Trap). Embrace the preppy style by layering a lightweight V-neck sweater over your tennis skirt (like this one from Vuori) or wearing a traditional collared polo shirt from Outdoor Voices. Pair it with affordable slouchy socks and your finest white sneakers, and accessorize with timeless gold hoops.

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