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Foot Pain Soothed in One Week with Discounted Arch Support Bands, Nurses Reveal

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Working extended shifts on your feet is a guaranteed method to conclude with foot discomfort by the end of the day – and few individuals comprehend this challenge more than nurses. With 12-plus hour shifts standing on solid hospital floors, it’s no surprise that many nurses seek foot pain solutions such as comfortable footwear and arch support bands. Fortunately, we’ve discovered one option that nurses highly praise, and currently, it’s discounted at Amazon.

The Fit Geno arch support bands have received acclaim from nurses for providing rapid and efficient pain alleviation. The non-slipping inserts exhibit a wrap-around brace design for both arch and heel support, and are devised for those suffering from foot pain due to flat feet, elevated or collapsed arches, plantar fasciitis, and other sources of discomfort. The bands are adaptable to accommodate diverse foot sizes and support requirements. They are also machine washable for effortless cleaning in between uses, and can be worn for prolonged periods, such as lengthy shifts. The bands are presently available for purchase at the discounted price of $25 on Amazon.

One nurse who regularly spends the entire day standing purchased these arch supports after enduring “extreme unbearable pain” in their right heel. The nurse attested that after regularly wearing these supports for a week, the discomfort was “all but eliminated.” A second nurse, who frequently works twelve-hour shifts and noted significant foot pain and burning sensations after work, conveyed that they experienced some relief by utilizing these bands.

Reviewers further report that the support bands are excellent for managing pain caused by plantar fasciitis. One individual suffering from plantar fasciitis stated that they have tried every available arch support and foot splint and discovered that the Fit Geno arch support bands “are the absolute finest.” Another reviewer with plantar fasciitis mentioned that the “highly supportive” bands “rescued [their] feet.”

If you are struggling with foot pain and require additional arch support, contemplate investing in these Fit Geno arch support bands while they are still on sale.

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They prove beneficial to individuals enduring lengthy work shifts or those grappling with foot ailments. Furthermore, it is crucial to address any uneasiness promptly to prevent the deterioration of foot agony. You can find these support bands, which have received a commendable rating of 4.6 stars, on Amazon. They are currently being offered at a discounted rate of 17 percent off for a limited duration. Make the most of this opportunity while it lasts!

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