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Five Adorable Swimwear Options That Are Perfect for Working Out, As Recommended by a Seasoned Swimmer

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So, you’ve explored every advantage of swimming — from muscle power to stress reduction, and now you’re prepared to dive into the sport. As a former university swimmer and current amateur paddler, I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial it is for anyone looking to enhance their cardiovascular fitness and become stronger. Now, the only thing left is finding a swimsuit you can actually exercise in, so I’m utilizing my extensive experience on the water to assist you in discovering the absolute best one.

While your typical poolside bikinis and one-pieces are excellent for quick dips and sunbathing, those low backs, tiny straps, and revealing thongs are bound to slow you down (and expose more than just your expert backstroke abilities). For a sturdy outfit that will keep you covered and comfortable during long distances and turns, consider supportive straps, high necks, and sleek, no-frills designs. Below are five adorable, functional choices that meet all the requirements, according to a seasoned swimmer.

Speedo Endurance Flyback One-Piece Swimsuit


Arguably the most iconic swimsuit in the world of swimming, this athletic style from Speedo has been worn by everyone from novices to professionals. Its slip-resistant racerback straps and snug fit are designed to keep water out and assist you in reaching your workout objectives. Some shoppers even comment that its water-resistant fabric feels “extremely soft and comfortable” against the skin.

Lululemon Zip-Back Paddle Swimsuit


With its high neck and back, along with a salt-resistant, UV-protective fabric, this swimsuit was constructed to endure the rigors of open water. The skin-tight fit and zip-up back ensure that the fabric moves with your body through waves, without restricting your mobility.

Jolyn Tomcat Bikini Top


If you assumed bikinis were off-limits during workouts, think again. Since its establishment over ten years ago, Jolyn has been producing bikinis that are ready for laps and stay securely on your body, even during your fastest sprint sets — and this vibrant top is no exception. The tie-on closure is easily adjustable, and the lined, supportive cups offer the perfect amount of coverage.

Dolfin Uglies V-2 Back One-Piece Swimsuit


If you’re searching for a swimsuit that provides the necessary support without compromising on fun, these incredibly vivid styles from Dolphin are ideal for you. Smooth, full coverage, and durable enough to withstand hours in chlorine and saltwater, these vibrant one-pieces make excellent training partners.

TYR Sport Durafast Diamondback Workout Bikini


“[I] adore the fact that I can effortlessly engage in lap swimming while having no concerns about any aspect becoming unfastened,” enthusiastically stated one content shopper on Amazon. This bikini, with adjustable string bottoms and a snug, athletic bra-like top, was specifically crafted to remain securely in place. As an added benefit, you won’t have to deal with any peculiar sunburn marks after your exercise routine.

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