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Endless Possibilities: Unbeatable 64% Off on an Adjustable Dumbbell Set Recommended by Fitness Instructors

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

One of the largest problems of establishing your ideal home fitness center is that as you begin to get stronger, you require more (read: heavier) weights to challenge yourself. Unfortunately, additional dumbbells aren’t particularly efficient if you want to save your space or budget for, let’s say, a compact treadmill. Not only do individual dumbbell sets physically occupy valuable room in your home gym, but they’re also costly. In fact, dumbbells typically have a price range of $1 to $2 per pound!

The solution? Adjustable dumbbells — and the KISS Gold Adjustable Dumbbells offer more versatility than their expensive Bowflex counterparts. That’s because the extremely reasonably priced set can be used as dumbbells and as a barbell, thanks to a simple connecting rod. Even better? This set is up to 64 percent off for Amazon Prime Day.

Buy It: KISS Gold Adjustable Dumbbells, $60 (formerly $170)

Essentially, this cost-effective adjustable dumbbell set is like purchasing several pieces of fitness equipment in one. The set comes with four 1.7-pound weight plates, four 2.8-pound weight plates, two dumbbell handles, and one barbell handle, plus everything you need to securely fasten the weight plates in place. Each dumbbell can be adjusted to weigh 12 pounds, and the barbell reaches a maximum weight of 22 pounds — perfect for novices in strength training, individuals recovering from injuries, or those who want to start equipping their home gym without spending too much money.

Shoppers appreciate that even though the weights are affordable, they’re sturdy enough for your most intense weightlifting sessions. One fitness instructor even praised the set, stating that “they’re very solid and durable — reinforced in areas that require them,” and added that “this bar is excellent for the repeated rows, deadlifts, high-pulls, clean and press, chest press, shoulder press, bicep curls… endless possibilities.”

These weights are also approved by busy teachers. “I’m a teacher, so finding time to work out at the gym every day was increasingly challenging,” notes one five-star review. “I made excuses for why I couldn’t go to the gym – it’s raining, it’s too cold, etc.

Purchasing these eliminated those justifications. No grounds to overlook a physical exercise if I possess a complete set of weights awaiting me in my abode!”

And if you desire to elevate your game beyond the 22-pound adaptable dumbbell set, you can still acquire an incredible bargain. The 44-pound customizable set (which can also be transformed into a barbell, by the way) is also discounted — a substantial 39 percent off.

With almost 1,000 five-star evaluations and the jaw-dropping 64 percent reduction, the KISS Gold Adjustable Dumbbells are certain to sell rapidly. Purchase them from Amazon before they run out.

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