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Eight Digital Options for Pilates Exercises from the Comfort of Your Own Home

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Many individuals establish New Year’s resolutions to engage in more physical exercise and improve their physical fitness. However, it can be quite burdensome to visit a traditional gym, leading some people to abandon their resolutions before truly beginning. Fortunately, there exist online applications and programs specifically designed to save time, effort, and money, enabling individuals to maintain their goals well beyond the initial week of January.

Pilates serves as one workout style that can be completed in the comfort of your own residence. It combines mindfulness and muscle strengthening, which greatly enhances stability, flexibility, core power, coordination, and stamina.

Regardless of whether you possess minimal experience with Pilates or seek a more advanced workout, there are various Pilates applications and online programs available to suit your fitness objectives. These resources accommodate individuals with limited time, even if they can only spare 30 minutes or less each day to engage in physical activity. Utilize this guide to determine which at-home Pilates workout option best matches your needs. (

The 8 Best At-Home Pilates Workout Options for 2022

Best Overall Pilates Workout: Apple Fitness Pilates Workouts


When it comes to a comprehensive workout plan, Apple Fitness provides an abundance of features for users to explore. Their membership entails both video and audio workouts, with new additions introduced on a weekly basis, spanning 11 different exercise categories. Additionally, engaging trainers lead group classes. Powered by Apple Watch, this program effortlessly connects to iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. Subscribers gain access to a diverse range of workouts, such as Pilates, yoga, treadmill exercises, core workouts, cycling routines, and more (including a guided walking session narrated by Dolly Parton).

Most Pilates courses solely necessitate a mat for the exercise, although some may incorporate resistance bands. These classes typically range between 10 to 30 minutes, designed with utmost convenience for users. The best part: those intrigued by Apple Fitness but hesitant to commit can opt for a complimentary month-long trial.

Best Value Pilates Workout: OpenFit’s XB Pilates


Exercising doesn’t need to exhaust your funds. Membership to Openfit costs $8 per month (or $96 annually) and comes with a 14-day trial period at no cost and a money-back guarantee that lasts for 30 days. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to live workout sessions led by captivating instructors, on-demand programs such as yoga and fitness training (taught by female stunt performers from Hollywood), customized daily meal plans that monitor nutrition, and more.

Openfit’s on-demand XB Pilates program consists of 21 days of body sculpting exercises that last for 30 minutes or less. The class is high-energy and low-impact, offering a variety of styles and workouts to keep things intriguing. Your abdominal muscles and glutes will be toned in a short amount of time.

Best Beginner Pilates Workout: Gaia’s Pilates & Fitness Videos


If you’re new to Pilates, the sessions available on Gaia’s website serve as a fantastic starting point. When you subscribe, you’ll gain access to numerous videos that cover various levels of difficulty. Craving an invigorating workout? Give cardio Pilates a try. If you prefer a more relaxed approach, you can’t go wrong with an introductory course to this form of exercise. There are plenty of beginner classes available, so you won’t run out of options anytime soon.

In addition to fitness routines, Gaia’s website offers surprises such as documentaries about ancient civilizations and a series about space exploration. Pilates classes are just a small portion of Gaia’s mission to provide consciousness-expanding content to the general public. If you’re interested in the full range of media available, there are three subscription plans to choose from. Both the monthly and annual plans include a seven-day trial period.

Best Advanced Pilates Workout: YogaDownload’s Pilates Classes

Yoga Download

Despite its name, YogaDownload offers more than just yoga sessions. You’ll also find Pilates classes led by incredible instructors. For instance, the Pilates Fit class is a 45-minute workout designed for intermediate-level participants, focusing on strengthening and toning the hips, back, and core.

Looking for more of a challenge?

Give Pilates Fit II a try, the next level up from our previous workout. This advanced session lasts for 65 minutes and is designed to target your entire body, leaving your abdominal muscles feeling the burn.

Subscribers can attempt amazing abdominal workouts, center workouts, yoga-Pilates fusion workouts, and more. Each video on YogaDownload is marked with a level of difficulty, rating of intensity, and the equipment (if any) needed for the class. There are also numerous filters you have the option to utilize — like organizing classes by duration or style — to more conveniently find the kind of workout you desire. YogaDownload sells classes separately, permitting you to simply include them to your cart before your workout. However, if you subscribe to YogaDownload for $10 a month, you’ll acquire access to all of the service’s fitness content. It’s accessible on Google Play, the Apple App Store, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV for effortless viewing.

Finest Rapid Pilates Workout: Alo Moves’s Pilates Form

Alo Moves

Another cause individuals abandon their workout resolutions is that they just don’t have time for a full-length class. Exercising at home eliminates commuting time and there are numerous classes that endure for a half-hour or less. Alo Moves’s Pilates Form series consists of six videos that average 30 minutes each, so you can effortlessly fit in a workout before school drop off or after dinner.

The series concentrates on developing core strength and muscle tone to give you a confidence boost. It even aims to assist you in enhancing your posture, increasing your coordination, building flexibility, and adding to your overall stamina. Alo Moves offers a complimentary two-week trial that grants full access to all of its workout content. Some samples include the intermediate level Barre Collection, the vinyasa-focused Flow Into Strength series, and various guided meditation practices. Membership to Alo Moves comes with features like daily workout recommendations, new weekly videos, and an archive of over 2,500 videos to stream and download.

Top Portable Pilates Workout: Aaptiv’s Pilates Classes


While certain Pilates programs necessitate televisions or specialized timepieces for access, Aaptiv’s mobile application merely requires your cellular device. You can literally engage in these Pilates classes anywhere – devoid of a mat, resistance band, exercise ball, or any other equipment. The workouts leverage your own body weight during the exercises. If you frequently travel or are constantly on the move, Aaptiv serves as an excellent on-the-go alternative.

Each session lasts no longer than 40 minutes and is guided by a certified Pilates instructor. Do you favor traditional Pilates or a more contemporary adaptation? Aaptiv offers both. Beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike will discover classes that align with their skill level. In the event that you require a break from a specific workout style, the program also provides guided options for running, yoga, weightlifting, meditation, cardio machines, and more. Boasting both audio and video alternatives, Aaptiv grants new users a complimentary seven-day trial. Subsequently, you can opt for either the monthly subscription ($15 per month) or the annual subscription ($100 per year).

Finest Reflective Workout: Forme Pilates Classes


It is now time to infuse a technological twist into your exercise routine. Forme constitutes a comprehensive smart mirror brimming with fitness features. It has the ability to transform your living space into an impressive home gym complete with professional trainers, real-time heart rate monitors, personalized fitness plans, and an array of classes. Engage in a conversation with a fitness concierge to receive weekly exercise recommendations and to pre-plan your workouts from the comfort of your own home. The company is even on the verge of introducing live one-on-one training sessions in the near future.

Forme’s Pilates classes, similar to all the other offerings on this roster, are helmed by world-class instructors who possess unparalleled expertise in their respective field. On average, the sessions range from 20 to 30 minutes. They are also categorized based on difficulty level, ensuring beginners do not feel overwhelmed while presenting ample challenges to Pilates connoisseurs. If you are uncertain about committing to a smart home gym, Forme extends the opportunity to partake in a virtual demonstration accompanied by a live guide who can answer any inquiries you may have. There are additional supplementary purchases available, although all Forme mirrors include a complimentary yoga mat, heart rate monitor, microfiber cleaning towel, camera cover, and mounting hardware. Once the mirror is installed, membership costs $39 per month.

Most Extensive Selection of Pilates Workouts: Obé Fitness Pilates Classes


If you are dedicated to maintaining a consistent exercise regimen, you will require an extensive collection of content to prevent workouts from becoming monotonously repetitive. Obé Fitness presents over 7,500 workout videos encompassing various exercise styles, intensity levels, and time commitments. With regard to Pilates, there are over 400 videos at your disposal to select from.

Need an extremely rapid workout? Give a Pilates session for the lower body a try that lasts only 12 minutes. Perhaps you require some inspiring melodies to get started. Obé Fitness has just the solution — Pilates sessions with hip hop music.

Do You Have the Correct Pilates Equipment?

For the most part, Pilates doesn’t require a lot of gear to be effective. That said, there are a few items that may make good additions to your home gym. Yoga mats are a necessity to cushion hard floors or prevent carpet burns. This compact yoga mat from Amazon is machine washable, can fold into a small carrying case, and comes in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns. Some popular Pilates exercises might require a resistance band. This set of four has over 8,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and costs less than $20. Foam rollers can help alleviate muscle soreness after a rigorous workout, and if you wish to avoid overheating, a cooling towel may make a significant difference. It’s also crucial to keep a hydration bottle nearby to ensure you stay hydrated. Infuse some flavor into your water with this 24-ounce fruit-infusing bottle.

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