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Editors’ Top Holiday Season Picks: The Must-Have Shapes

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Girlfriend Strappy Bra

Courtesy of Girlfriend Collective.

Purchase It: Girlfriend Juliet Strappy Bra, $42,

“I’ve been searching for a sports bra that provides enough support to use for strength training workouts or walks around my neighborhood, yet stylish enough to wear to the grocery store and breakfast outings — and this strappy bra from Girlfriend Collective meets those requirements. The silky smooth fabric offers UPF 50 protection, is crafted from recycled plastic bottles, and is available in neutral tones. I’ve already added two of them to my shopping list!” — Megan Falk, assistant editor

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks

Courtesy of Wander Beauty.

Purchase It: Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks, $38,

“As enjoyable as the holiday season is, this time of year isn’t particularly known for restful sleep. The Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks help me pretend that I’ve had enough sleep, even on mornings after perhaps indulging a little too much the night before. Bonus: They are available in various shades and make adorable gifts to stuff stockings, so I buy a few at once and keep them conveniently accessible for last-minute gifting situations. One for you, one for me…” — Kristen Geil, senior fitness editor

Glide Sup Inflatable Paddleboard

Courtesy of Glide.

Purchase It: Glide Sup Inflatable Paddle Board, $899,

Glides Up 02 Inflatable Paddle Board

Courtesy of Glides Up.

Buy It: Glides Up 02 Inflatable Paddle Board, 50% off,

“I’ve been observing the Glides Up 02 inflatable paddle board for years, and it’s currently discounted by 50%! I can’t wait to test it out during an upcoming vacation. Shout out to all the Capricorns out there who celebrate their birthday during the holiday season. This collapsible board is excellent for ocean paddleboarding as well as lakes. This year I’m heading somewhere tropical for my birthday, and this is certainly going to make it into my carry-on.” — Marietta Alessi, director of social media

Youth To The People Minis Kit

Courtesy of Youth to the People.

Purchase It: Youth to the People 6 Piece Minis Kit, $55,

“One of the drawbacks of holiday travel is leaving behind your favorite skincare products that won’t make it through airport security in your carry-on. That’s why I want to pamper myself with miniature versions of a few of my favorites from Youth to the People. This kit comes with the brand’s cleanser, moisturizer, eye serum, eye cream, facial oil, and resurfacing mask. They’re all kind to the skin and perfect for use in new environments. Best of all, these miniature versions still come packaged in environmentally-friendly glass, which you’ll find with full-size Youth the People products.” — Christie Calucchia, editor of news

Elyse Breanne Design Cactus Blooms Paint by Numbers Kit

Courtesy of Elyse Breanne Design.

Purchase It: Elyse Breanne Design Cactus Blooms Paint by Numbers Kit, $55,

“I have a 2023 goal to cultivate more screen-free hobbies — TV and TikTok scrolls have lost their shine for me. Although TikTok introduced me to this woman-owned small business, I want to take my interest off the app with this Paint by Numbers Kit. The artwork was created by owner Elyse Breanne and showcases easy-to-follow, exquisite floral patterns. I’ve got my eye on the Cactus Blooms or Sangria Florals designs.” — Shannon Bauer, senior editor of commerce

Oura Ring Horizon Gen3 in Gold

Courtesy of Oura Ring.

Purchase It: Oura Ring Horizon Gen3 in Gold, $500,

“I’m genuinely surprised I haven’t tried the Oura ring yet, but this latest design — the Horizon — officially convinced me. I’ve experimented with countless fitness trackers and watches, but have never stumbled upon one that I’ve been able to adhere to daily. I inevitably find that I desire to wear an alternate watch or a bracelet, but this beautiful golden ring is certain to resolve that issue. I’m thrilled to explore the metrics without sensing that I’m wearing an activity monitor.” — Alyssa Sparacino, editorial director

Ruggable Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Lapis Blue Rug

Courtesy of Ruggable.

Purchase It: Ruggable Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Lapis Blue Rug, $279,

“I have resided on my own for a few years now, but most of my furniture is still hand-me-downs or from IKEA. It suited my budget and requirements at the time, but I’m gradually upgrading to top-notch pieces that better align with my style. I’ve been yearning for a Ruggable Rug after witnessing the impressive quality at a friend’s apartment, and I finally took the plunge on Black Friday. I adore the fact that they are machine washable with a low pile that sits beautifully under furniture and doors. The Jonathan Adler Inkdrop design matches my navy dresser and brings me one step closer to a bedroom sanctuary that truly feels like mine.” — Bauer

Aritzia Terry Fleece Mega Sweatpant

Courtesy of Aritzia.

Purchase It: Aritzia Terry Fleece Mega Sweatpant, $70,

To me, this period of time is about extremes, so you’ll either find me in a shiny little outfit or my comfiest loungewear. And on those days when comfort is the priority, it doesn’t get better than loose fleece sweatpants. I’m interested in these pants in the white shade, but they are available in many other colors. Everything is available in short, regular, and tall lengths, which is excellent because who wants to bring sweatpants to a tailor?” — Renee Cherry, associate editor

Caroline Herrera Mini Good Girl Eau de Parfum Set

Purchase It: Caroline Herrera Mini Good Girl Eau de Parfum Set, $35,

“This year was all about expanding a fragrance collection that envied the displays in the shopping center, but most importantly made me feel just as good as they smell. One of those fragrances is Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Perfume, which smells absolutely divine alone or layered with another fragrance. It also looks so stylish and streamlined on my countertop — the bottle resembles a stiletto shoe that’s so enchanting. This particular set comes with the original fragrance and the sister fragrance ‘Very Good Girl.’ I feel so self-assured while wearing this fragrance and highly recommend it to anyone looking to add to their perfume collection.” — Sha Spencer, beauty editor

Hotel Lobby Candle

Courtesy of Hotel Lobby.

Purchase It: Hotel Lobby Holiday Candle, $59,

“I am a self-proclaimed candle enthusiast, and I regret to inform you that the viral Hotel Lobby candles live up to the buzz. The Holiday candle is an obvious choice for cozy winter days, with hints of evergreen and balsam fir that feel both fresh and snug. Plus, the container is stunning enough to reuse once I completely burn the candle.” — Geil

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