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Discover the Perfect Peloton Instructor for Your Preferred Exercise Regimen.

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Everyone has preferences when it comes to what they desire from a fitness instructor: Some require a tough motivator, while others thrive on constant encouragement. Take a spin class with the incorrect instructor for your workout style, and you might store away your cycling shoes permanently. But when it comes to Peloton classes, it doesn’t have to be this way. Peloton’s range of trainers covers all of the bases, so you can handpick whose teaching style you resonate with the most. Whether you’re seeking assistance in acquiring technical skills or you’re in desperate need of a mood boost, Peloton trainers have got you covered — and this guide will direct you accordingly.

Instead of randomly selecting a workout for the day, let this manual to the best Peloton trainers guide you. The cheat sheet, based on reviews from Reddit users and members of the Shape editorial team, will inform you about the best Peloton trainer for your workout style. And by using it to determine which trainers will provide you with the exact motivation, music, and attitude you need, you’ll be more likely to actually enjoy your virtual class — and maybe even achieve a new personal record.


Best Peloton Trainer for Music Variety: Hannah Frankson

Classes: Bike

Live from Peloton’s London studio, Hannah Frankson will lead you through lively cycling classes synchronized with music spanning decades and genres, which Reddit users highlight as one of her standout characteristics. One day, she might lead a 45-minute EDM ride, and the next, she might conduct a 20-minute class featuring the top hits of the 2010s. Additionally, riders adore Frankson’s warm, quirky personality, which — coupled with her direct teaching style — results in energetic classes that are truly achievable. “Hannah F. is adorkable,” writes one Reddit user. “She cannot sing or dance, and it is so charming. She offers challenging yet approachable rides that are incredibly well-structured.”

Best Peloton Trainer for Continuous Encouragement: Robin Arzón

Classes: Bike, Tread, Strength

A RRCA-certified running coach and ultra-marathoner, Robin Arzón might appear slightly daunting to newcomers. However, in reality, this Peloton trainer is renowned for making members “feel like a badass b***h capable and deserving of anything and everything,” according to one Reddit user. Throughout her dynamic classes — including bodyweight strength, HIIT, ’90s rides, and hip hop runs — Arzón maintains a high energy level and consistently imparts motivational quotes.

The outcome: “She will recall you that you are donning a crown whilst you ride, and cause you to experience grand,” affirms another Reddit user. (P.S. here’s how she maneuvers her exercise routines whilst expecting.)

Best Peloton Trainer for Simple Strength Workouts: Adrian Williams

Classes: Tread, Strength, Cardio

For straightforward strength training sessions that still leave your muscles shaking, Adrian Williams is your coach. This Peloton trainer’s 10-minute upper-body and lower-body strength workouts are typically a sequence of only four movements, which one Reddit user says makes the classes extremely easy to follow. “I really appreciate how uncomplicated his classes are in terms of movement, [which was helpful] when I initially started and couldn’t keep up with all the compound movements in, let’s say, Jess’ classes,” they add.

Even if you’re taking a longer class, such as a 45-minute full-body workout, Williams ensures that you maximize the burn with every second—just be sure to attach toe cages to your pedals so you can wear sneakers designed for strength training and keep up with Adrian’s intense sessions. “He keeps movements simple, effective, and applicable to all skill levels,” writes another Reddit user. “I genuinely appreciate how he knows how to explain a movement without leading to an extended recovery period.”

Best Peloton Trainer for Morning Workouts: Jess Sims

Classes: Tread, Strength

One glance at Jess Sims’ top tracks to play during class and you’ll understand why she’s the finest Peloton trainer for early morning workouts. Her playlist is filled with exhilarating songs — like “Jump” by Kriss Kross and Gwen Stefani and Eve’s “Rich Girl” — that will energize you better than a cup of coffee. Just listen to Shape editorial director Alyssa Sparacino: “As a morning exerciser, Jess is sometimes the ONLY thing that will propel me forward on a particularly sluggish day,” she says. “Her energy is infectious, and her motivation knows no bounds, but somehow, she still remains down-to-earth and relatable.”

Simms herself states that she has a coaching style characterized by “tough love” that guarantees you extract the most from each workout. “What truly keeps me coming back to her classes time and time again is that they are challenging AF in the BEST way possible,” says Sparacino. “She always emphasizes not wasting time in her workouts, and her methodology stays true to that promise.

Top Peloton Instructor for Authenticity: Jess King

Classes: Bike, Tread

Whether she’s leading participants through a 30-minute ride inspired by Miley Cyrus or a dance spin class, Jess King doesn’t suppress her distinctive personality to conform to the stereotype of a conventional on-screen fitness instructor. Instead, she proudly displays her truest self, and this genuineness has a positive impact on members. “Jess actually makes me feel like it’s okay to be eccentric and clumsy!” says one Reddit user. “She appears so authentic, and you can perceive that she sometimes feels awkward or that she is too much, which makes her endearing and encourages me to embrace my true self on occasion.”

Additionally, this Peloton trainer’s “Sweat Steady” rides, which involve long, uninterrupted intervals, offer more than just a challenging endurance workout for your muscles. “A few of her Sweat Steady rides have been akin to much-needed therapy sessions,” writes another Reddit user. “I teared up at least twice during the last one—something about the combination of the mental resilience required by the lengthy intervals and some things she said during those intervals deeply resonated with me.” It is highly recommended to use a Peloton mat to keep your bike stable and protect your floor from sweat and tears.

Top Peloton Instructor for Technical Training: Andy Speer

Classes: Tread, Strength

If you were one of those children who habitually responded with “But, why?” when asked by your mother to complete a task, you must incorporate Andy Speer’s classes into your schedule. Given his background as a former gymnast and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Speer’s training style revolves around technique. “As a certified trainer myself, I geek out over intelligent (not just intense) training,” says Sparacino. “Andy truly comprehends his craft and guides you not only on how to perform exercises, but also on the rationale behind each movement. His warm-up routines prepare your body for what lies ahead, while his training approach strongly emphasizes proper form—ensuring that you extract the maximum benefit from the Peloton weights you have invested in. Additionally, he often lightens the mood with dad jokes, regardless of how much you may want to express frustration during those last 5 reps.”

Top Peloton Instructor for Dynamic Movements: Rebecca Kennedy

Classes: Tread, Strength, Cardio

When you crave innovativeness in your workout routine, tune in to one of Rebecca Kennedy’s virtual workouts.

This Peloton educator was formerly a acrobat and an NFL cheerleader, and the corporeal cognizance she constructed in those activities still impacts her instruction approach nowadays.

“As a lifelong supporter myself (who has dabbled in some acrobatics), I adore the fact that she incorporates some of those styles into her training,” says Lauren Mazzo, who was Shape’s web editor at the time of publication. “For instance, take one of her core workouts, and you’ll probably have to do a empty hold (a common acrobatics drill) — and you’ll definitely see her pointing her toes. Don’t be fooled; supporters and acrobats are resilient as heck, and she can still absolutely annihilate you with her power and tread workouts, too. Getting to tap into my old abilities during a workout makes me feel like returning home!” (By the way, you can get an extra dose of Kennedy in her lethal workout videos on Shape.)

Best Peloton Trainer for Beginners: Matt Wilpers

Classes: Bicycle, Treadmill

Unlike those hardcore coaches who push you to put 110 percent of your energy into every single class, Matt Wilpers is all about making fitness achievable — and enjoyable — for everyone. Whether you take his Strength Zone Endurance rides or progression runs, you won’t be told to increase the pace or crank the resistance up to the maximum. Instead, you’ll be encouraged to reduce the intensity of your workout if necessary and to take the rest days your body requires, according to Reddit users. And this gentle style of training is what makes Wilpers the top Peloton trainer for those new to fitness.

“So many instructors want you to go all-out all the time, and for those of us that are working towards fitness goals, it is disheartening and exhausting,” says one Reddit user. “I was starting to dislike getting on the bike because I always felt so out of shape and that I couldn’t keep up with the classes. [After taking Matt’s classes,] I am starting to enjoy the bike again. Thank you, Matt, for encouraging people not to exhaust themselves during every workout!” (By the way, you’ll want to perform some light mobility and stability exercises before you hop on the bike — or start any other workout.)”



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      Best Peloton Instructor for Feel-Good Spinning Classes: Cody Rigsby

      Classes: Bike

      Cody Rigsby may not be the most technical coach, according to Reddit users, but he receives top ratings in terms of entertainment. This Peloton trainer will guide you through rides inspired by Latin culture, workouts that incorporate intervals, and classes focused on pop music, all while maintaining a level of energy comparable to that of a nightclub. “When I desire to laugh and experience pleasure, and potentially dance while cycling in and out of the saddle and everywhere in between (I have no shame), I seek out Cody,” expresses one Reddit user.

      To fully immerse yourself in the Rigsby experience, it’s recommended to add his signature XOXO, Cody classes to your workout routine. Strap into your cycling shoes for half-hour rides where you’ll pedal to the rhythm of an extremely catchy playlist—plus receive some personal advice directly from the instructor. “Cody is like my closest female friend who consistently evokes nostalgia… and somehow that motivates me to ride harder,” states another Reddit user. “When I take his classes, I either achieve a personal record or come close to it more frequently compared to any other instructor. Perhaps it’s the intimate discussions about relationships during active recovery in his XOXO Cody class, or simply the banter about old-fashioned movie rental stores like Blockbuster and revealing his preferred movie snacks as a distraction. Either way, he’s my favorite trainer.” (

      Best Peloton Instructor for Artist Series Rides: Ally Love

      Classes: Bike, Strength

      Ally Love tailors each and every one of her classes to provide members with a sense of pride and upliftment, and her highly-regarded artist series rides accomplish exactly that. During her rides inspired by Pitbull and Whitney Houston—rides that Reddit users consider among the top themed rides on the platform—you’ll groove to empowering tunes and engage in a challenging workout. Allow a Reddit user to attest to the greatness of Love’s Prince-themed ride, which she co-hosted with fellow instructor Emma Lovewell, one of the best artist series rides in 2020: “This ride exuded an immense amount of joyful energy, with fantastic music. And, on a superficial note, I immensely enjoyed the purple-themed aesthetics,” they share. “It genuinely felt like a celebration, featuring all my favorite Prince classics. Emma and Ally are two of my preferred instructors, and I thought they complemented each other well.” (

      Best Peloton Instructor for an Emotional Uplift: Alex Toussaint

      Classes: Bike

      With his no-nonsense demeanor and uplifting catchphrases, Alex Toussaint is the top-notch Peloton instructor for delivering members a challenging and empowering AF workout that leaves you feeling fantastic, both physically and emotionally. Throughout his cycling sessions, Toussaint urges riders to appreciate the life they possess, motivating them to “adjust your expression, you woke up today! You’re fortunate!” and to “inhale deeply today.”

      These snippets of positivity have caused one member to shed “tears of appreciation” during a ride on multiple occasions. And for other riders, his unwavering optimism has long-lasting impacts. “He is extremely motivating and consistently reminds me EVERY DAY of my value and empowers me to conquer the obstacles in my life,” writes one Reddit user. “I push myself even harder in his classes and genuinely believe he is addressing ME when I participate in his sessions.”

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