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Discounted Sneakers Bring Blissful Comfort to Shoppers Suffering from Knee Discomfort, Saving Them Almost 30%

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Knee discomfort is essentially a rite of passage if you lead an active way of life. According to The American Academy of Family Physicians, it impacts about 25 percent of adults — and its prevalence has risen nearly 65 percent over the previous two decades. However, being a common condition doesn’t diminish its disruptive nature, especially if you’re striving to maintain fitness. Fortunately, supportive footwear can greatly contribute to achieving your fitness goals without experiencing discomfort.

Brands like Saucony, which have received approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), serve as a good starting point. Consider the Saucony Guide 14s, for example. Besides having a breathable mesh exterior, these athletic shoes possess an anatomically shaped insole that aligns the heel, preventing excessive inward rolling of the feet that can irritate susceptible knees. Furthermore, the soles incorporate layers of lightweight, shock-absorbing cushioning that restore energy with each stride, delivering an extra spring to runners. Most importantly, they are on sale for almost 30 percent off at Nordstrom Rack’s extensive clearance event, and consumers affirm that they live up to the hype. (Pssst: Lululemon’s latest cross-training sneakers cater to all types of workouts.)

Nordstrom Rack

Buy It: Saucony Guide 14, starting from $71 (Previously $130), available at

Whenever my feet and knees begin to ache, I am aware that it’s time to wear my Sauconys,” wrote one reviewer, adding that they always return to this specific pair. Another shopper, who has been wearing the Guides for seven years, mentioned that they feel like paradise and assist them in running 14 miles every week without any injuries. A third individual even compared them to walking on clouds. (By the way, Jennifer Garner wears this supportive pair from the same podiatrist-approved brand.)

If you desire to save money while providing the necessary support for your knees, visit Nordstrom Rack to acquire a pair of Guide 14s while they are still available in all sizes. Additionally, explore the discounts on other beloved running shoes favored by shoppers, such as the ones listed below:

Nordstrom Rack

Purchase it: Sorel Kinetic Rnegd Mesh Sneaker, $67, was $110,

Nordstrom Rack

Purchase it: Adidas Questar Sneaker, starting from $44 (previously $75),

Nordstrom Rack

Purchase It: Puma Softride Finesse, $38 (previously $65),

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