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Discounted Shoes Offer Surprising Comfort for Nurses, Teachers, and Waitresses, Now 33% Off

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

As Shape’s shopping writer, I devote a significant amount of time to researching and writing about athletic footwear. Among the various sources I consult, I frequently obtain the finest sneaker recommendations from nurses, since these professionals often spend up to 12 hours on their feet daily. However, during a recent family gathering, my aunts (a chef, a teacher, and a doctor) encouraged me to look beyond lace-ups and consider an unexpected but incredibly popular option: Dansko Clogs.

For many years, Dansko Professional Clogs have been a staple in the healthcare, education, and food service industries due to their enduring comfort and orthopedic advantages. Their spacious figure and rounded toe box are suitable for wide feet and help reduce swelling throughout the day. Additionally, the cushioned sole provides protection for the feet and joints against impact, while the reinforced heel cup ensures arch support and stability during lateral movements.

Similar to running shoes, the clogs’ outsoles feature grooves that maintain slip resistance on smooth floors and wet surfaces. However, unlike sneakers, which are usually associated with a “casual” and “sporty” style, Dansko clogs can seamlessly transition into more formal work environments thanks to their timeless silhouette and an extensive range of 96 leather color options. (By the way, These are the most incredibly cushioned running shoes of 2023, according to our tests.)

Not only do these clogs bear the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Association, but they have also garnered enthusiastic reviews. One healthcare worker, who has been in the field for a decade, stated, “Dansko is unquestionably the best footwear to wear…especially if you are a nurse.” This individual admits to owning five pairs simultaneously and attests that the clogs alleviate back and leg pain. A teacher, who spends several hours a day on their feet, agreed that the clogs help alleviate discomfort. Furthermore, a third shopper, who works as a waitress for five consecutive days, described these clogs as unbeatable for providing all-day foot comfort.

If you find yourself standing for prolonged periods or simply appreciate comfortable shoes, it’s worthwhile to give these clogs a try. You can purchase them for $94 while they’re on sale at Zappos.

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