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Choosing and Cleaning Powerful Weightlifting Gloves

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

FYI: It’s a great idea to focus on your grasp strength. As Shape previously reported, enhancing your grasp strength can assist you in surpassing a fitness plateau and achieving a new personal record, as well as effortlessly perform everyday activities (such as opening stubborn jam jars).

If you require a little extra assistance or simply want to avoid developing calluses from weightlifting, give a try to a pair of these weightlifting gloves that have been approved by editors. Then, learn how to maintain their cleanliness…because you want to lift weights, not bacteria.

The Finest Workout Gloves for Women

Test these out and determine if your grasp has been hindering your progress.

Nike Fundamental Training Gloves

Dicks Sporting Goods

Designed for a customized fit, these training gloves will be your ally throughout a demanding weightlifting routine. They offer features such as a padded yet breathable artificial leather palm for improved grasp and a sweat-wicking mesh fabric upper, making these gloves a definite winner.

Harbinger FlexFit Wash and Dry Workout Weightlifting Gloves


These half-finger gloves are comfortable and long-lasting, providing a cushion made of “tech gel” and a leather palm pad. What’s more, if they become too sweaty, you can simply toss them into your washing machine.

Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Gloves with 12″ Wrist Wraps Support

Nordic Lifting

Ideal for barbell lifting and powerlifting, these workout gloves possess just the right amount of padding. Your hands will remain shielded against calluses and blisters, enabling you to repeatedly strive for your personal bests.

SIMARI Workout Gloves


Attention all CrossFitters! Discard the tape, abandon the chalk, and opt for these weightlifting gloves instead. They feature reliable wrist support and a cushioned palm so you can excel in various exercises, ranging from pull-ups to push presses, while maintaining proper form and avoiding calluses.

Meister Weightlifting Gloves


These workout gloves are completely breathable and offer a no-slip grip.

Fully equipped with pull tabs on the digits and wrist for a hassle-free wearing and removal experience, these gloves will adequately shield you during all of your weightlifting and workout enterprises.

How to Clean Weightlifting Gloves

When you’re lifting substantial weights, gloves become a crucial element fairly swiftly to protect your hands and provide you with an improved grasp. Unfortunately, it’s highly probable that they conclude their workout session in your gym bag — also known as a dim, damp environment that’s ideal for bacteria to cultivate all over your weightlifting gloves.

Reintroduce them to the light and adhere to these cleaning recommendations (once every week!) from Erin and Leif Frey, founders of FREY laundry detergent.

  1. Immerse in the sink. Fill your sink with warm water, add enough soap (dishwashing detergent works exceptionally) to create a lather, then submerge your workout gloves. Knead each glove, ensuring to squeeze water through each digit, and employ your hands to scrub off any dirt.
  2. Reverse them. This simplifies the process of cleaning the interior. Simply rinse and replicate the same procedure you performed for the exterior. If the gloves still emit odor after kneading, allow them to soak in the soapy water for an hour or so before proceeding with another scrub. Then rinse them thoroughly to prevent leaving any bothersome residue.
  3. If all else fails, employ the machine. If handwashing proves ineffective, place the weightlifting gloves in the washing machine on a delicate cycle — and ensure that any Velcro straps are securely fastened to avoid entangling with clothes. Allow them to air dry to retain their shape, and choose indoor drying — exposing them to direct sunlight may weaken the fibers, leading to a quicker loss of their shape.

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