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Cassey Ho’s Guide: Achieving a Sculpted Booty with 4 Moves

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Most individuals have a love-hate relationship with the stair-climber. You’ll encounter one in nearly every fitness center, and it’s extremely simple to utilize. (One repetitive step after another, am I correct?) However, those stairs to nowhere can accomplish much more than merely raising your heart rate. The “cardio” machine can work wonders for strengthening your lower body-when you employ the correct technique, obviously. (Here are five reasons the stair-climber is genuinely worth your time.)

Cassey Ho, the fitness diva behind Blogilates, does precisely that and has curated a straightforward four-move workout that’s ideal for shaping your booty. “Never thought I’d say this but I love the Stairmaster,” she wrote alongside a video of herself performing the moves on Instagram. “Try these 4 new moves next time you’re avoiding it at the gym. Do 1 min [of] each kind and keep rotating! I do this for about 30 min then I hit the weights after!”

Here’s how to break down her workout:

Stepping Arabesque

Adjust your stair-climber to a level 4 or 5. As you take a step up with one leg, tilt slightly at the waist and kick the other leg behind you and slightly externally rotated. Repeat the same movement with the other leg to complete one repetition. Continue for 1 minute.

Side-Step Leg Lift

Maintain your stair-climber at a level 4 or 5. Turn to the side and cross one foot over the other to commence side-stepping up the stairs. After each side step, lift your leg directly out to the side. Ensure that your foot is flexed. Lower your leg back down and repeat for 1 minute before turning around and switching sides.


Increase the level to 10 or 15. Take the steps two at a time for a faster and steeper climb for 1 minute for a consistent burn. Hold on to the railings if you need support and strive to keep your back straight as you step up.


Adjust the stair-climber to a level 7 or 10. Turn to the side and simply cross one foot in front of the other so that you’re climbing the stairs sideways. Continue for 1 minute before starting the moves all over again.

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