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Carrie Underwood Declares These Sneakers Ideal for Her Sensitive Knees Due to Unparalleled Comfort.

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Carrie Underwood may be most recognized for her iconic songs (who among us hasn’t belted out “Before He Cheats?”), but it should be acknowledged: the country singer is also a superstar in the fitness center. From intense arm workouts to leg-sculpting squat routines, she has consistently shown that she excels on the pullup bar and exercise mat. In fact, just last week, Shape’s social media director Marietta Alessi joined Underwood and her trainer, Eve Overland, in a bodyweight workout at the BodyArmor #LYTEUpAustin event. And amidst rounds of high knees and good mornings (in 95-degree weather), she noticed the celebrity wearing her preferred pair of shoes, the Adidas x Stella McCartney Ultraboost 20s. (Pssst: These are the top knee compression sleeves based on customer reviews.)


Crafted to propel you forward with each stride, these ultra-responsive sneakers are constructed from an adaptive knit that conforms to the shape of your foot. Adorned with plush cushioning, these shoes safeguard your knees, ankles, and hips from the impact of high-intensity workouts — like running and HIIT — and transfer that energy, providing additional bounce to every movement.


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A longtime wearer of the Ultraboosts, Underwood previously stated to Shape that she initially purchased the shoes on Amazon while searching for a sneaker that provides support for her joints. “I have issues with my knees, and I’ve been searching for footwear for years that doesn’t cause knee pain,” she mentioned, adding that these sneakers have been “the most comfortable shoes” specifically for her knees — and she’s not the only one.

“[They] were completely comfortable and [the] fit was ideal,” wrote one shopper at Nordstrom, who tried out these sneakers in a kickboxing class. An Adidas customer commented that they can walk seven to ten miles in these shoes and guarantees they’re “consistently comfortable.” Another person agreed that they “instantly fell in love with these” as soon as they wore them, and a third individual stated that they’re “ideal for an entire day on your feet.” (BTW: One Shape editor swears by these cross-training shoes for knee pain.)

For all-day comfort and safeguarding your joints, purchase these sneakers approved by Carrie Underwood at Nordstrom, Adidas, and Carbon38 to dive into your next workout with style.

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