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Anywhere Full-Body Workout: Get It Done in Just 20 Minutes!

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20-Minute Full-Body EMOM: How It Works

EMOM-style workouts are a form of high-intensity interval training workouts that include designated rest periods. “You begin by completing a specific number of repetitions at the beginning of each minute,” explains Bristow. “Once you finish, you can rest for the remainder of the minute.” This built-in rest period allows your body to recover before the next minute starts, enabling you to maintain the required intensity and energy, she clarifies.

For instance, below you will find an example where one of the minutes involves performing 10 air squats followed immediately by 10 drop squats. If you complete these repetitions in 30 seconds, you can utilize the remaining 30 seconds to rest before proceeding to the next movement (shoulder taps and kick-throughs) at the start of the following minute.

This specific EMOM workout follows a circuit-style format.

That implies that you’ll transition through five distinct motion combinations, commencing a fresh motion whenever the clock strikes 00. After you’ve finished one cycle, which will require five minutes, you’ll return to the beginning and iterate the cycle three additional instances, amounting to a total of four rounds. Essentially, you’ll never experience ennui.

The Complete, 20-Minute Workout

What you require: Nothing but a timer and a bit of room.

20 Minute Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)

4 Rounds:

  • 10 Air Squats 10 Drop Squats
  • 10 Alternate Shoulder taps Kick Throughs
  • 10 Alternate Cossack Squat 10 Skater Squats
  • 10 Push-up Plank Hand Walk
  • 10 Alternate Single-Leg Toe Touch 10 Single-Leg Alternate Pivot Lunge

“The movement combinations that you are performing each minute build upon one another and strain similar muscle groups,” says Bristow. For example, both the air squat and drop squat are squat variations that mainly focus on your lower body. “Drop squats are essentially a more explosive version of the air squat,” she explains.

Similarly, both the push-up and plank hand walk are exercises that target the shoulders and core. The advantage of doing 10 repetitions of each movement, instead of 20 repetitions of one, Bristow explains, is that it keeps the workout engaging. Monotony, after all, contradicts consistency.

Accessibility & Scaling Note

The mentioned repetitions are suggestions, not strict rules. “The objective is for each athlete to work for a total of thirty seconds within each minute,” says Bristow. So, if it takes longer than 30 seconds for you to complete 10 air squats immediately followed by 10 drop squats, reduce the repetitions to 6 or 8 for each movement.

Minute 1: 10 Air Squats 10 Drop Squats

Air squat

A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes parallel or slightly rotated outward by 15 degrees.

B. Consider preparing for a punch by engaging your abdominal muscles to activate your core.

C. While keeping your chest upright, simultaneously bend your knees and push your buttocks backward to descend into a squat position. Continue descending until your thighs are at least parallel to the ground.

D. Push into your heels and mid-foot to straighten your legs and return to the standing position.

E. Perform this 9 more times for a total of 10 repetitions.

Drop squat

A. Assume a squat position and tighten your core.

B. Propel your feet outward until they are shoulder-width apart and swiftly descend into the bottom of a squat.

C. Generate power by pushing through your heels and midfoot, and jump your feet back to a hips-width position, returning to the starting point.

D. Perform 10 explosive repetitions.

Minute 2: 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps 10 Alternating Kick Throughs

Alternating Shoulder Taps

A. Get into a high plank position, with your hands aligned beneath your shoulders and your feet spaced hip-width apart. Squeeze your glutes and activate your core to maintain a straight line from head to toe. Squeeze your glutes and activate your core.

B. While keeping your hips square, lift your right hand off the floor and tap your left shoulder. Lower your right hand to the floor, then lift your left hand and tap your right shoulder.

C. Repeat this sequence for a total of 10 repetitions or 5 touches per side.

Plank Kick Throughs

A. Begin in a table-top position. Press into your palms and engage your core to lift your knees off the ground (this is known as a bear plank).

B. Shift your weight onto your left hand and simultaneously twist your left leg underneath your body to the right. Gently touch the floor with your left hip before using your core to twist back to the starting position.

C. Now, repeat this movement by switching sides. Shift your weight onto your right hand as your right leg weaves under your body. Tap the floor with your right hip before returning to the starting position.

D. Repeat this sequence for 30 seconds, ensuring that you complete an even number of total repetitions.

Minute 3: 10 Alternating Cossack Squat 10 (Total) Skater Squats

Alternating Cossack Squat

A. Stand with your feet positioned approximately two feet wider than shoulder-width apart, with your toes slightly turned outward. Engage your core and extend your arms in front of your chest, with your palms facing each other for balance.

B. While maintaining an upright chest, simultaneously shift your body to the right, bend your right knee, and lower your hips into a squat position, while keeping your left leg fully extended out to the side. Keep your chest lifted, your right heel grounded, and prevent your back from rounding.

C. Push through your right foot to straighten your right leg and return to the standing straddle start position. Repeat this movement on the opposite side.

D. Continue alternating sides until you have completed a total of 10 repetitions or 5 repetitions per side.

Skater Squat

A. Assume a stance in a sports position, with your feet just outside of your hips. Strengthen your midline and bend your left knee backward, bringing your left heel towards your buttock.

B. Establish stability by grounding through your right foot. Then, bend your right knee so that you are squatting with only that leg.

C. Continue descending until your left knee nearly touches the ground. Alternatively, go as low as your current balance and ankle flexibility allow.

D. Push through your right leg and straighten your planted leg to return to a standing position.

E. Repeat this sequence for 5 repetitions on this side before switching sides.

Minute 4: 10 Press-up Plank Hand Walk


A. Assume a high plank position, with your wrists aligned beneath your shoulders.

B. Tuck your tailbone and draw your navel up towards your spine to engage your core. Rotate your little fingers outward and press them into the floor to activate your lat muscles. Squeeze your quadriceps and glutes.

C. Push your elbows back behind your body to gradually lower your body towards the ground.

D. Press through your palms to push yourself away from the floor and return to the starting position.

E. Repeat this sequence for a total of 10 repetitions.

Plank Hand Walk

A. Get into a high plank position, ensuring that your core, glutes, quadriceps, and lat muscles are all engaged.

B. Slowly walk your hands forward as far as possible, taking small steps forward with each hand.

C. Keeping your hips square, walk your hands back to the starting position and repeat.

D. Repeat this sequence until there are 30 seconds remaining on the clock. Aim to complete at least 3 repetitions.

Minute 5: 10 Alternating Single-Leg Toe Tap 10 Single-Leg Alternating Pivot Lunge

Alternating Single Leg Toe Touches

A. Adopt an athletic stance with your feet positioned beneath your hips.

B. Strengthen your core for stability. Next, while keeping your hips square, extend your left leg behind you and shift your weight onto your right foot.

C. Balance on your right foot and hinge at the hips to lower your torso towards your planted leg. Continue descending until you can tap your standing foot with the opposite arm.

D. Push through your planted foot to return to a standing position. Then, switch sides and repeat.

E. Repeat this sequence for a total of 10 repetitions, or 5 per side.

Single Leg Alternating Pivot Lunge

A. Begin by facing forward with your feet positioned wider than the width of your shoulders, and your feet pointing outward.

B. Rotate your feet, hips, and torso to the right while lowering your back, left knee towards the ground into a lunge.

C. Twist your body back towards the starting position, extending your legs as you do so.

D. Next, repeat this sequence on the other side.

Pivot your feet, hips, and torso towards the left while lowering your back, right knee to the ground in a lunge.

E. Go back to the starting position. Then, do the same exercise for a total of 5 repetitions on each side.

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