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An Effortless Solution to Minimizing Breast Movement During My Running Sessions

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

After a lengthy break, I made the decision to return to running this year and quickly realized that the elongated athletic bras I’ve had since university weren’t sufficient. Every mile meant more unpleasant bouncing and jiggling that left my breasts sore during each workout. Even after upgrading to what I believed were “high-impact bras,” I still found myself dreading the scheduled runs, especially after learning about the dangers of an unsupportive workout bra.

“The bosom does not contain muscle; the only two supporting structures are the skin and the Cooper’s ligaments, both of which are quite weak mechanically,” Jenny Burbage, a senior lecturer in biomechanics at the University of Portsmouth previously informed Health. In other words, without the added support from a bra, applying pressure to the ligaments in the bosom can result in pain and drooping — two things that could discourage anyone from embarking on a run. (BTW: These are the 12 finest sports bras for running, according to customer reviews.)

Puzzled about what to purchase, I consulted my identical sister, a marathon runner and U.S. Marine in training, regarding her preferred sports bra that minimizes bouncing. She suggested the Nike Alpha UltraBreathe High-Support Sports Bra, and it’s easy to comprehend why. Wide, adjustable straps personalize the fit and evenly distribute the weight placed on your shoulders. Additionally, the bra’s firm paneling and high neckline keep your breasts securely in position. But the only way to assess if it could genuinely halt the breast-jiggle was to wear it during a bouncy, high-intensity workout.

Buy It: Nike Alpha UltraBreathe High-Support Sports Bra, from $46 (was $75), and

I initially wore the brassiere for a weights session in the gym. While initially, I found it much more restraining than my other brassieres, I quickly came to appreciate the additional support when I started on a round of box jumps and didn’t once feel like I had to hold my bosoms in place. The following day, I went for a jog and felt completely secure through all five miles, to the point where I was even empowered to increase my usual pace. (Psst: Check out this Jennifer-Garner approved brassiere one editor is adoring.)

And while I still adore my soft, comfortable brassieres for yoga, walking, and lounging around my residence, this is the sole brassiere I have confidence in for high-impact activities, and I wouldn’t enjoy running half as much without it. If you feel like your brassiere is hindering your workout, check out this bounce-proof option on Nike and Nordstrom while it’s nearly 40 percent off.


Purchase It: Nike Alpha UltraBreathe High-Support Sports Bra, from $46 (was $75), and

Purchase It: Nike Alpha UltraBreathe Women’s High-Support Sports Bra, starting at $46 (originally $75),

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