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Amazon Prime Day Offers Up to 36% Off Jennifer Garner’s Preferred Workout Shoes

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Since her action-packed Alias days, Jennifer Garner has never shied away from a challenging stunt or a perspiring workout — and time and time again, she ties up in the Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes. A favorite among runners for their impact absorption and extremely comfortable cushioning, Garner has been seen crushing workouts in her Ghosts, whether she’s bopping along to some Jazzercise or casually achieving a 33-inch box jump (goals).

Not only are the Brooks Ghost 14 shoes approved by celebrities, but they’re also approved by podiatrists, sporting the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval. (Which, by the way, is only granted to shoes that have been found to be beneficial for foot health.) Safe to say, these shoes are legitimate.

Buy It: Brooks Ghost 14 Running Shoes, $90 (was $140),

The brand Brooks, in case you didn’t know, is known for putting its best foot forward (see what we did there?) with cushioned, durable shoes that give you that bounce in your step you desire during a run. The Ghost 14, specifically, has an extra-soft midsole with a shock-absorbing design that makes each step feel smooth and controlled. They’re ideal for runners with knee pain who need an everyday training shoe, thanks to their neutral support. And as someone who’s always moving and pushing her physical limits, it’s no wonder Garner is drawn to the comfortable sneakers.

But you don’t have to be a runner (or a movie star) to appreciate the Ghost 14s.

“The shoes are now my preferred choice,” declares a walker, who awarded the shoes a perfect score. “They provide exceptional cushioning and support, making it challenging to transition to alternative sneakers. Despite my knee issues, I can walk for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort.”

They’re also a significant success among individuals who work on their feet all day. “I utilize this sneaker for employment,” says another enthusiast. “Being on my feet the entire day as a landscaper, these sneakers provide the greatest comfort. Lightweight and good grip on all kinds of terrain. I also possess an additional pair I utilize for running…best running sneakers I have ever possessed.”

At the full price, the Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes cost $140, so many reviewers recommend seizing them on sale whenever feasible. Presently, the 4.7-star shoes are discounted by up to 36 percent, reducing that price to just $90 – a noteworthy Amazon Prime Day deal for the astute buyer. Check out Garner’s preferred kicks on Amazon before the deal concludes.

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