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Achieve Perfectly Tousled Hair in Minutes Using This Innovative Styling Tool

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

If you grew up in or around the 2000s, you probably recall when practically everyone was scrunching their hair in an attempt to add volume and texture. It wasn’t always successful — there’s no denying that hair often ended up looking like a wet poodle instead of flowing mermaid tresses. Fortunately, hairstyles have advanced since that time, and so have the techniques and tools for achieving effortlessly wavy hair.

Case in point: The Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver (Buy It, $30,, which, based on 37,000 Amazon ratings, is the most effective method for achieving beautifully tousled waves. The handheld styler clamps your strands between two ceramic plates in a unique “U” shape to create deep waves in just seconds. After clamping, your hair will not only be perfectly crimped but also free from frizz and remarkably shiny, thanks to the tourmaline ceramic plate. The five-inch plates are also wide, allowing you to style your entire head of hair in just minutes.

As with most hot tools, the final result depends on the technique you use. If you insert small one-inch sections into the styler, you’ll achieve piece-y, beachy waves. You can also evoke the elegance of Old Hollywood with more uniform, sculpted waves by clamping large sections of hair.

Furthermore, the waver is easily adjustable to accommodate your hair’s thickness and texture because it offers several different heat settings to match various hair types — including fine and coarse hair. The highest heat setting is 400°F, which is certain to preserve your style for days. (These recommendations for the best dry shampoo can also assist with that.)

Traveling abroad — or simply to the gym — is also incredibly convenient with Bed Head’s Deep Waver. The built-in clamps securely fasten the plates together, allowing you to effortlessly toss the tool in your bag without a second thought. Moreover, the styler features a built-in dual voltage system, ensuring its safe use internationally (although you should still verify the voltage in your destination). Not to mention, the automatic shut-off function ensures that you won’t have to worry about whether you turned it off before leaving the house. Other wavy hair tools simply can’t compare!


Considering all of the above, it’s no wonder that Amazon shoppers adore this waver, giving it nearly 4,000 flawless five-star reviews.

Happy users not only referred to it as “sorcery” and “user-friendly,” but one evaluator even asserted it was “genuinely the finest hair product I have ever purchased.” Moreover, there are over 300 reviews that explicitly mention this tool’s capability to grant you the impeccable, elusive cascading waves.

If you’re searching for a swift method to style your hair, or simply desire to switch things up with your customary styling preferences, you have officially encountered your perfect counterpart.

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