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A True Necessity: $2 Patches Endowed with 14 Hours of Relief, Embraced by Chronic Joint Pain Sufferers.

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

According to a 2021 report from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, women athletes are more than twice as likely to experience knee injuries than male athletes — and in my personal experience, that statistic holds true. My mother, sister, and I are dedicated runners and all struggle with persistent knee discomfort. Even while watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup, I’ve noticed that some of my preferred U.S. players, Tobin Heath and Christen Press, are absent from the field due to recurring joint injuries. Although these aches persist, they can be reduced by supportive footwear and pain-relieving topical treatments.

Consider the Icy Hot Pain Relief Patches, for example: With almost 10,000 excellent Amazon ratings, they have become a popular choice for individuals suffering from various forms of joint discomfort. The primary ingredient, lidocaine, produces a numbing effect on the skin that prevents pain signals from reaching the brain, providing sufficient relief for relaxation. Meanwhile, menthol creates a cooling sensation while also reducing inflammation in sore and irritated muscles. (By the way: Nurses, teachers, and waitresses swear by these unexpected shoes for “all day” comfort.)

Purchase It: Icy Hot Pain Relief Patches, $9,

Each bundle includes five patches that can be worn for up to eight hours, and reviewers attest that they offer long-lasting relief. “I applied them to my knee and upper arm, and the pain relief took effect shortly after application,” wrote one shopper, adding that “the pain stayed at bay for around 14 hours.” Another enthusiast agreed that the patches enabled them to sleep through the night and effectively alleviated their knee pain until the morning.

A third referred to it as a “life preserver for pain alleviation” and a “essential in the medical storage” after it eradicated their severe muscle ache and allowed them to continue with their day in comfort. (Pssst: Buyers with chronic pain rely on these $70 and $399 massage guns, but which one is superior?)

Discomfort of any sort can be a significant interruption, and managing it in secure yet efficient methods should always be a priority. Purchase the Frigid Warmth Pain Relief Patches for only $9 (less than $2 each) to experience them for yourself.

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