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A Stepwise Tutorial on Syncing Peloton with Apple Watch

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

For anyone who derives motivation from observing health metrics, using multiple devices to track data is probably commonplace for you at this point. While your intelligent timepiece can monitor your movement, and the figures on your cardio equipment can push you to exert more effort — you genuinely obtain the most precise insights into your overall fitness and performance by synchronizing the two during your workout. That’s why connecting your Peloton to your Apple Watch makes it effortless to observe your statistics on everything from calories burned to distance traveled. Moreover, recording Peloton workouts on the Apple Watch will ensure that you fulfill the requirements of all three activity rings, and who doesn’t adore the satisfaction of conquering all three rings? (

To discover how to make your Peloton and Apple Watch communicate with each other, continue reading for a step-by-step guide to connect the two devices, according to both Peloton and Apple support.

Absolutely, You Can Connect All Peloton Equipment to Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will directly pair with the Peloton Bike , Bike, and Tread, as well as the App if you have a digital subscription, according to Peloton’s website. The feature also functions for all Peloton workouts, including cycling, strength, HIIT, and Bootcamp classes.

How to Connect Peloton Equipment to Your Apple Watch

First, download the Peloton App on both your phone (or tablet) and your Apple Watch. On the phone App, tap “More,” then “Apple Watch,” and then proceed with the instructions to grant your phone’s Health App permission to access your Peloton data. Once that’s complete, return to the Peloton App and press “Done.” Ensure that you enable location services, movement tracking, and motion and fitness options on your devices for the most accurate statistics. (By the way, the Peloton App is compatible with WatchOS 6 and later and mobile devices with iOS 13 and later.)

Now that you’re synced up, your Apple Watch will send you a notification to commence monitoring your workout the moment you commence a class on any Peloton equipment or the App. Simply tap it, and you’ll instantly commence recording your workout. How simple is that?

When you do that, ensure that you deactivate the low power mode on the iPhone and the watch.

This will enable you to conveniently observe all your measurements on the timepiece while you exercise, as power reserve mode deactivates the functionality of tracking physical activities.


Even though the procedure detailed above is extremely simple, it is not the sole approach for connecting your Peloton equipment to your Apple Watch. If you possess the Bike, you can achieve this by launching the Apple Watch Application on your smartphone and then activating the Workout application. Subsequently, select the “Detect Gym Equipment” choice to enable pairing. When you are prepared to participate in a cycling class, pick either a live session or an on-demand exercise. (Please note that this feature is not accessible for Bike Bootcamp classes.)

If you opt for a live workout, connect with the Apple Watch only when the countdown timer reaches 1 minute – initiating the pairing process too early will result in the watch timing out and becoming disconnected. If you decide on an on-demand ride, select the class and then press “Start” on the Bike’s pop-up menu. Next, ensure that the Apple Watch is unlocked and place the watch face in front of the camera situated at the top of the Peloton touchscreen. You will experience the watch vibrating before an on-screen prompt appears for “connecting.” Be certain to press “OK” in order to establish the pair. Finally, click “Start” to commence the workout.

Provided by Peloton

You will notice a green symbol in the upper right corner of your Peloton touchscreen, indicating a successful connection – this is how you can verify that the Peloton and Apple Watch have paired correctly. The watch will automatically disconnect at the conclusion of your ride, therefore requiring you to reconnect it each time you begin a new exercise.

Even though you are unable to access your completed statistics post-workout on the watch itself – as it functions more as a complementary device enabling real-time viewing of heart rate and other workout data – you will have access to all your final figures within the Peloton application on your smartphone. This encompasses heart rate, calories burned, average and optimal pace, total distance, and elevation (at least for workouts evaluating these metrics, such as biking and running).

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