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A Guide to Achieving Your Desired Booty: Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Teaches the Perfect Squat Technique

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

A barbell back squat is one of the top strength exercises available. It’s one of the three key movements in powerlifting, a staple in bodybuilding, and a must for anyone who desires to feel like an expert in the gym.

However, proper form is essential for performing this exercise correctly, which is why Melissa Alcantara, Kim Kardashian’s trainer, shared an excellent tutorial on Instagram to assist you in maximizing your barbell squat. (

To become proficient in this workout, you must concentrate right from the start, and that means properly unracking the barbell. “Ensure both feet are firmly on the ground and you’re lifting by extending through the hips,” Alcantara wrote in her post.

One aspect that people often overlook? Their wrists, as Alcantara points out. “Make sure they remain in a straight position,” she said.

Next, it’s crucial to position your gaze correctly. “Avoid looking upwards, downwards, or sideways,” Alcantara wrote. Instead, look straight ahead, “but keep your chin tucked,” she added. “Direct your gaze approximately 3-6 feet ahead and focus on one spot to maintain proper alignment between your neck and spine.” (Were you aware that squat therapy is a brilliant technique for mastering proper squat form?)

Before starting your squat, Alcantara advises finding a comfortable foot position, whether it’s “narrower or wider, or with your toes slightly angled outward! Everyone is unique [and] there is no single correct stance,” she explained.

Alcantara then debunks the misconception that your knees shouldn’t go beyond your toes when squatting. “Ensure that your knees remain in line with your toes,” she states in the video. “This is incredibly important – don’t allow your knees to collapse inward, ensure that you push them outward, especially on the way up! It doesn’t matter if they extend beyond your toes, even if your bodybuilding Olympic gold medalist grandmother told you otherwise! Simply keep them aligned with your toes,” she added in the caption.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the cue “don’t let your knees go past your toes” can be beneficial if you’re not properly sitting back your hips and correctly distributing your weight towards your mid-foot and heels during the squat.

Following that, with your chest lifted, lower yourself into a squat in a straight line, as Alcantara explains. “I often see many of these Instagram stars sticking their buttocks out and their chest almost touching their knees,” she wrote. “That’s completely incorrect according to my beliefs.” (Here are 12 ways to enhance your squats for improved outcomes.)

To conclude her tutorial, the personal trainer issues one final warning: “Under no circumstances should you lock your knees at the top, bottom, sides, or even in your dreams,” she wrote.

There are numerous additional matters to give heed to but these are a few suggestions that have aided me throughout my journey. Acquire proper technique for your squat exercise, acquire proper well-being.”

Once you’ve perfected the fundamental barbell squat, elevate the difficulty level and test yourself with our 30-day squat challenge that will completely revamp your buttocks. We assure you that it will not let you down.

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