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$8 Exfoliating Washcloth Reveals Shocking Amounts of Dead Skin Shedding by Individuals.

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The internet has proclaimed: The Italy towel is the ultimate exfoliating washcloth, without a doubt.

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If you’ve ever been to a Korean spa for a complete body scrub, then you are familiar with the gratification of having someone remove all your dead skin cells. And whether you are a supporter of the treatments or would never pay to have someone vigorously scrub your entire crevice, there is great news: you can purchase the same exfoliating washcloths that are utilized at Korean spas. It is known as an Italy towel. (Buy It, $8,, and it is your skin’s new closest companion.

The washcloths were originally crafted from viscose fabric (a semi-synthetic form of rayon) procured from Italy, which is the origin of its name. The towel is more rough than your usual washcloth, making it perfect for exfoliation. Korean spa scrub treatments incorporate steam initially to prepare the skin and enable the exfoliating washcloth to effectively carry out its task, says Esther Cha, marketing manager at SOJO Spa Club and avid Italy towel user.

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It’s unquestionably an energetic therapy, but it’s also a therapy that yields outcomes,” she asserts. “You’ll experience discernibly smoother skin immediately upon departure. For numerous individuals in Korea, it’s merely another component within their comprehensive well-being and skincare regimen.

To obtain the desired outcome at home, Cha suggests utilizing one toward the conclusion of a steamy shower no more than once per week. Moisten the exfoliating washcloth, then utilize it to scour your body in upward and downward motions. You may observe a gray eraser shaving-like residue, a byproduct of the roughly 50 million skin cells (yes, 50,000,000) you shed on a daily basis. Since the washcloths are composed of viscose, you can place them in the laundry with your towels once you’ve finished and then reuse them. You can even scrub your own back with a long exfoliating washcloth (Buy It, $9, that comes with handles so you can reach those challenging spots.

If you desire a visual demonstration of the effectiveness of these exfoliating washcloths, you can witness one in action in a popular TikTok. User @opulentjade uploaded a video of themselves using one, complete with closeups of the dead skin they eliminated. “I could create a miniature version of myself from the amount of skin that came off, but oh my God, look how smooth!” they stated in their voiceover.

You can also peruse detailed descriptions of the exfoliating body washcloth on Amazon, where it has over 10,000 reviews. “I took a hot shower for approximately 15 minutes and proceeded to scrub all around while my skin peeled away like I was some sort of serpent undergoing rebirth,” one person wrote. “And similar to a serpent undergoing rebirth, I emerged with a new covering of incredibly supple skin that made me feel the most fresh and immaculate I have ever felt.”

Redditors have similarly been expressing their adoration for Italy towels. One individual shared that post-scrub, their skin “is LUMINOUS, I am sleek and glossy like a SEDUCTIVE EEL.” They continued: “[An Italy towel is] a small, abrasive cloth that buffs away all your poor grades, terrible former partners, and unwise decisions. Additionally, it eliminates your dead skin. Not only does it exfoliate, you can SEE your transgressions falling right off your skin in the form of DISGUSTING BUTT UGLY WORMS.”

Perhaps you’re striving for an extensive exfoliation before applying fake tan or simply enjoy a thorough cleansing experience—regardless, an exfoliating washcloth can surpass expectations and deliver exceptional results.

When body exfoliators are insufficient, they are likely to do the trick.

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