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25% Off on the Most Comfortable Sneakers: Nurses’ Favorite “Walking on Clouds

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As far as running shoes are concerned, the Adidas Ultraboost reigns supreme. Not only does this style receive the endorsement of celebrities (Carrie Underwood, Megan Markle, and Hailey Bieber are all supporters), but it also garners praise from regular individuals who spend extended periods on their feet. The Ultraboost has evolved and adjusted alongside advancements in footwear technology over the years, but it is most beloved for its plush support and featherlight sensation. Adidas’ latest iteration, the Ultraboost 22 Road-Running Shoes, are no exception; in fact, some shoppers have even deemed them more comfortable than their predecessors.

The iconic three-stripe design showcases the brand’s patented Boost midsoles, which offer lightweight cushioning that effectively absorbs shocks, making them indispensable for individuals with joint discomfort and demanding lifestyles that necessitate prolonged periods of standing. Furthermore, the sneaker’s robust midsole and forefoot restrict bending, effectively securing your foot in place and reducing the amount of energy expended during running and walking. Additionally, the sneaker incorporates a breathable and blister-resistant upper, partially constructed from recycled plastic, and boasts a grippy outsole. (By the way: Lululemon’s latest cross-training sneakers cater to all types of workouts.)


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Shoppers guarantee they’re worth the buzz. “They feel like I’m walking on pillows,” wrote a nurse who praised that the shoes provide support for her flat and frequently painful feet. Another reviewer mentioned that they’re “extremely cozy and well-padded for lengthy strolls,” and added that it’s “the finest Adidas [sneaker] in the past decade.” A third wearer described it as “ideal for individuals who spend many hours standing during the day.”

Most importantly, these stunning shoes are currently discounted by 25 percent in REI’s enormous sale. Inspect the Adidas Ultraboost 22s and more essential sneaker bargains below before the Labor Day sale concludes.


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