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10 Effective Food Hacks on TikTok

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

If you’re on a mission to enhance your cooking abilities, look no further than TikTok — seriously. Beyond the reviews of skincare products, tutorials on beauty, and challenges on fitness, the social media platform is overflowing with tips and tutorials on cooking. (In case you missed it, check out those incredible pasta chips made with an air fryer or smart tricks for high-protein ice cream). The only challenge? Actually finding the most helpful food tricks amidst the abundance of constantly added content on TikTok.

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But don’t worry fellow foodie, that’s where this list comes in. Ahead, check out the best TikTok food tricks that will completely transform your skills in the kitchen.

Remove the Core of a Strawberry with a Straw

Let’s admit it: Taking out the cores of strawberries (also known as hulling) can be tedious, especially if you’re preparing a large batch. And while you can use a paring knife or a huller to get the job done, a straw — preferably, a reusable one (Buy It, $4 for four,— can work just as effectively, according to the innovative individuals on TikTok. Simply insert the straw through the bottom of the strawberry, then push it up and through the top to eliminate the core and stem in one motion. Needless to say, this technique gives a completely new significance to the word “strawberry”.

Heat Garlic in the Microwave to Remove the Peel

Peel Fresh Garlic with Ease

Peeling recently harvested garlic can be an enjoyable activity, but let’s face it: it can also be quite bothersome. The outer skin of garlic cloves tends to be stubborn and the sticky residue leaves an unpleasant smell that lingers on your fingers for days. Fortunately, there’s a clever hack from the internet sensation platform TikTok. The next time your recipe calls for a clove of garlic, simply place it in the microwave for a maximum of 30 seconds. Prepare to be astounded as the skin, resembling delicate paper, effortlessly slides off. However, be cautious as leaving garlic in for 30 seconds might result in mushy garlic. To play it safe, begin by microwaving for 15 to 20 seconds to determine your microwave’s optimum duration.

Master the Art of Bell Pepper Seed Removal

Say goodbye to the days of cutting a bell pepper and unintentionally scattering seeds everywhere, thanks to this brilliant culinary trick popularized on TikTok. To start, remove the stem and turn the bell pepper upside down on a cutting board (available for purchase on for $13). Then, proceed to slice along the natural ridges of the pepper, creating four sections that can be easily pulled back and detached from the bottom. This technique allows the central core, home to the seeds, to remain intact, saving you from a messy cutting board and any persistent seeds in your crispy snack.

Bid Farewell to Tendons in Chicken Breast

We’ve all encountered that stringy, pale structure present in raw chicken breast known as the tendon or connective tissue. While it’s possible to cook chicken with the tendon intact, some individuals find it tough and unappetizing. If you fall into this category, try out this clever kitchen hack introduced through TikTok. By using a paper towel to firmly grip the end of the tendon (this prevents direct contact with the raw poultry), take a fork in your other hand and position it so that the prongs lie on either side of the tendon. Push the fork downwards against the chicken breast while simultaneously pulling the tendon in the opposite direction. In one seamless motion, the tendon will effortlessly detach itself from the chicken. This entire process takes just a few seconds!

Prepare Lettuce Leaves Perfectly for Wraps

For those who appreciate the wonders of lettuce wraps, this TikTok food hack is a must-try. Begin by firmly smacking a head of lettuce onto the countertop, then remove the core. Take the remaining leaves and place them in a colander (available for purchase on for $6). Under a stream of running water, give the colander a good shake. This simple action will separate the lettuce leaves and ensure they are ready and waiting for your delightful wraps.

This technique — rinsing them under flowing water as opposed to attempting to detach them from the head using your hands — enables you to successfully separate undamaged (!!) pieces of lettuce devoid of tears or openings. Ultimately, your lettuce wraps will cease to disintegrate.

Strip Herbs with Box Grater

Believe it or not, but you don’t require a special gadget to strip fresh herbs (also known as remove the leaves from the tough, woody stem). As this viral TikTok video reveals, pulling parsley through a box grater (Purchase It, $12, will absolutely do the trick. The user, @anet_shevchenko, employs the same method to strip fresh dill in another video, showcasing the adaptability of this imaginative technique.

Slice Multiple Cherry Tomatoes at Once

Rather than cutting cherry or grape tomatoes individually, attempt this time-saving TikTok food hack: Spread the tomatoes on your cutting board in a solitary layer. Gently put a flat surface — such as the cover of a food storage container or another cutting board — on top, then slice the tomatoes in a horizontal motion. The cover will maintain the tomatoes in place, enabling you to cut the tomatoes in one fell swoop.

Juice a Lemon Without Actually Cutting It

No citrus juicer? No problem. Thanks to this ingenious TikTok food hack, you can extract the tangy juice effortlessly (and without splattering it all over yourself). First, roll the lemon back and forth on your countertop until it’s soft and squishy — this aids in breaking up the flesh inside, according to TikTok user @jacquibaihn— then poke a skewer (Purchase It, $8 for six, into one end of the fruit.

Position it above a cup or bowl, subsequently bestow upon it a compression for newly-squeezed citric acid sans tacky appendages or any ornate culinary gadgets.

Separate an Egg Yolk using a Water Bottle

Whether you’re creating meringue cookies, whisking up some homemade Hollandaise sauce, or simply attempting to put together an omelet using egg whites, you’ll need to divide the yolks from the whites. And while there are a few straightforward methods available to achieve this – for example, passing an egg through a slotted spoon or sifting the egg between its two shells – they can be somewhat time-consuming and messy. For a faster technique to separate the egg yolk, try this TikTok food hack. Squeeze and hold the opening of an empty (and clean) plastic water bottle near the yolk, then release the pressure on the bottle. It will suck the yolk up in a strangely satisfying way. Plus, this trick also makes good use of plastic bottles.

Peel an Orange without the Mess

Not only are they packed with immune-boosting vitamin C, but oranges are also abundant in folate, fiber, and potassium. Before you can enjoy the fruit and obtain these potential benefits, you must remove its tough, resistant skin – a process that can often be frustrating (especially for individuals with long nails) and leave your hands sticky. Next time you crave some citric goodness, remember this TikTok food hack: Take a paring knife (Buy It, $9, and make a circular cut around the orange, approximately an inch below the top. Then, starting from the cut you just made, make several vertical cuts on the fruit. When you’re ready to indulge, you’ll be able to easily peel off the skin in seconds. (By the way, this can also be done with grapefruits, which offer various health benefits you shouldn’t miss out on.)

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